Before the Show – War of the Roses


As with any war, careful planning is the key to survival!

In case you are not familiar with the rarely performed Henry VI – 1-3, we have created a guide just for you, specific to our production.  Below please  find everything you need to know about the upcoming event. For a richer audience experience, we strongly recommend you read the synopsis and familiarize yourself with the general story.

THE SPACE: We are delighted to be here at Our Lady of Bright Mount, a long time Polish community and church at 3424 West Adams.  Residents live on the grounds, and people attend Mass here many times a week. There are festivals, fellowship meals, a library, a deli and Polish school. They are generously sharing their outdoor raised stage with us for our Festival. * 

PARKING: With the exception of those with mobility issues, we recommend you first seek parking on West Adams, 4th, or 5th Avenues before opting for the church lot, as there will be other events sharing the parking space. If you see that the lot is not crowded, you may feel free to park there. Please drive carefully, and watch for pedestrian traffic.

THE PERFORMANCES: Our War of the Roses is comprised of two shows (the trilogy, edited). Each show will have a 15-minute intermission. Audiences, you may opt to see Part One and return another day for Part Two. You may also want to marathon it, and see them both consecutively. Or perhaps you will chose to see just one part. To confuse you further, all the actors will play multiple characters (watch their costumes closely). Dress for the outdoors – whatever the weather may be. *

WHAT AM I WATCHING? You will be watching one ensemble perform in two separate plays – a feat our Players have never before attempted. Unlike our indoor spaces, they will be braving the big outdoors; helicopters and sirens could turn up at any given moment. We are prepared. Also, as in Shakespeare’s day, the actors can SEE YOU. They will talk directly to you at several points. What can you do to support them? Keep your phone off and give them your full attention. 

* THE WEATHER: It’s been an exceptionally cold, rainy March! Our strong preference is that we perform outdoors on the beautiful grounds of Our Lady of Bright Mount. Luckily, they do have an indoor space, so if it is raining, or really, really cold, we have an accessible alternative (and we will make the call each day). However, we kindly request that you come prepared to sit outside. We highly recommend warm hats! During our rehearsals, we’ve found that using a scarf or some other padding as a seat cushion is also helpful. Whatever the weather, we are excited to have you join us for the adventure of live theater!!!