Shakespeare in the City

We are developing an on-going Performing Arts Troupe in the West Adams/Mid-City area. Through free and low-cost classes and workshops, we are identifying and nurturing young motivated performers and providing them with the space to experience the camaraderie of an arts community, the skills to meet the challenges of the creative process, and the opportunity to develop a new sense of assurance, autonomy and self-motivation.

These opportunities are geared to children and youth, ages 7 – 14, and involve them in all aspects of acting, theater and Shakespeare, culminating in periodic performances for the community.

Shakespeare in the City builds and betters the Mid City Community by pulling youth into a creative womb where they are nurtured and encouraged to do great things.

We recently premiered Timon of Athens: The Alchemy of Friendship at Club Fais Do Do, to an excited and grateful community. Get a taste of the experience by watching this remarkable video:

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Interested in participating in future Shakespeare in the City sessions?  Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you with details on our next session.

  • Any kind of performing in the past? Are there challenges that you hope to address with this work (shyness, concentration, self confidence)? Other interests (sports, music, etc)? Please share anything that can help us make this a positive experience for your child.

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