Will my child be online all day?!?

We’ve gotten a lot of concerns expressed about too much screen time, and we share your concerns! We are working on a variety of ways that we will encourage our Players to get away from their screens and into the world!

Here are some of our strategies:

Real World Challenges
In many of our modules, we will be presenting tasks to the Players that can only be achieved away from the computer. In addition, we will have a morning and afternoon break where we will require them to step away from their screens (and provide proof that they did so).

Production Values
We’re going all out with our Friday performance – we want costumes, props and sets!! Don’t worry – you won’t need to purchase any materials, or oversee any complicated craft projects. But our Players and their directors will get creative, and explore their closets, backyards, kitchens, etc. to make this happen!

Getting Physical
Every morning, we will do a different theater movement module – stage combat, yoga, creative movement, etc. While our Players will need to be able to see/hear their devices, they will actually be working up a sweat!

Listening vs. Watching
A few of our modules will not require that our Players are focused on their screens. We will encourage drawing, Origami, knitting, Legos, or whatever non-electronic task they prefer, as they listen to the content.