Our Wish List

Looking for other ways to help us thrive and grow? Here are some of the things of which we dream!!

We have been vagabonds since well before COVID, and every year, it becomes more of a challenge to find a space to present our Spring Festival. Of course, our ultimate dream is that someone gifts us a permanent rehearsal/performance space of our own (as well as funding to maintain it!), but barring that, we are always looking for a space, preferably in District 10, that we can take over for the month of March!!

As we enter this new phase of our development, we are looking for enthusiastic people who understand the power that consistent involvement in theatre can have on a young person’s life, and who are committed to helping us make sure as many young people can experience that involvement. In addition to making an annual donation, our Board Members help make fundraising events happen, connect us with potential fundraising sources, and serve as ambassadors who spread the word about our organization and its mission.

We are currently in search of place to store four clothing racks and a bunch of boxes that were formerly housed in Blaire’s garage. The ideal location would be in the Mid-City area, and would allow us to come and go as we please. If you have a contact in the storage world, or know someplace that might be able to negotiate a non-profit rate, please hook us up!!

It’s almost impossible to apply for a grant these days without encountering a myriad of media documentation requirements, and we are blessed to have talented parents who document some of our performances. We are looking for someone who would be willing to attend a handful of rehearsals, and/or some of our outreach events, to document the process of putting together a show!

If you can help with any of the above, please contact us at speak@shakespeareyouthfestival.com.