Setting up your performance space!!

The following are some tips to make sure your performance has maximum impact.

While the full performance space doesn’t need to be ready until the end of March, we do need you to be able to stand and be properly framed by March 6th. 

Computers/iPads need to be elevated so that when you are standing, the camera frames you from the chest up. I stack up all my Complete Works of Shakespeare, and put my computer on top!

— You will need enough space on either side to allow you to move completely off camera, and enough space behind you to enable you to tilt the camera slightly, and back up so that we can see as much of your full body as possible.

— You should be well-lit, and the light needs to come primarily from the front. No backlight from windows or lamps.

— I would recommend having an easily maneuvered chair handy, so that you can perch when that makes sense. 

Here are some photos of my space set up for performance:

And here’s the goal! These screenshots were all taken with the same setup – I just tilted my screen/camera slightly. (Please note that these photos are examples of good framing, but the lighting needs some adjustment on the sitting and floor shots!!)

And here are some examples of common “Don’ts” that we see frequently!!!

Please take some time to start putting this together, and if there are any issues, let us know, so we can work together to solve them!!