The Winter’s Tale


There will be a 10-minute intermission. Visit the famous Haunted Bathrooms upstairs. (Mung bean ice tea is sold across the street at MIEN, which has a not-haunted bathroom.)

Our actors are tested and COVID negative. But we don’t know about you. Your mask must remain on at all times while inside our facility.

You’re wondering about your seat angle. All the world’s a stage – not just the proscenium. Your chairs  are build for you to slide to any angle in the space that is needed at any given moment. Make use of it!

If you want to avoid a public shunning, turn your devices off or mute! We don’t allow phones during our performances. You get two photos only. We will have digital photos for you. If your phone rings, the performance will stop until you handle it. 

The Second Half (BOHEMIA) is 16 years out from the first (SICILIA) Don’t be confused. Use the QR code for a quick link to the story.. 

Fun fact: In, the original story (Pandosto 1588) the locations were flipped. With King James on the throne, Shakespeare had to be careful politically, so he swapped locations.


The choice for THE WINTERS TALE was brought to us by our troupe during our summer Shakespeare Intensive. We liked the idea that they liked the idea. But what inspired us this time around was not the victimization in the play, but the redemption of everyone, including the monster. Our play opens with the “monster’s reflection.” Leontes has had 16 years to ruminate on the damage he caused in a minute. He is trying to piece it all together – how he went into a mad, jealous blackout of rage, from which there seems to be no recovery. 

It is too painful for Leontes to step fully into his part in the matter so he splits himself into phantom actors that show him pieces of himself. Will he ever be able to put himself fully into the memory so he might gain some form of relief? 

Meanwhile the others do their best to cope with the Madman-in-Power du Jour.

We also explore what it is like to deeply love a monster. This rupture occurs not at a waning love cycle but when love is at its height. Hermione deeply loves her husband. It’s a sudden shock. No one would have predicted this terrible turn. But without it—there is no redemption for Leontes, or resurrection for Hermione. Perdita and Florizel would never have found each other, so the innocence of love could start fresh again. There must be a death before a resurrection.

Dramatis Personae


Leontes’ Phantoms
Maija Talvitie
Dylan Macer
Petra Lindstrom

Leontes (King, Sicilia) ….. Sebastian Bader

Polixenes (King, Bohemia) ….. Daniel Roberson

Camillo (Head Underbutler) ….. Anthony Roberson

Mamillius (Prince, Sicilia ….. Velouria Rosalinda Perez

Hermione (Queen, Sicilia)…..Nadya Rozen-Nowac

Paulina (Friend to Hermione)…..Molly Rose 

Antigonus (Paulina’s husband)…..Milo Koyfman 

Emilia (Serves Hermione)…..Oz Alper

First Lady (Nanny to Mamillius) …..Velouria Rosalinda Perez

Jailor …… Addison Templeton

Urchin Boy ….. Apollo Manfredi

Balthazar (Advisor to Leontes) ….. Ace Rosenthal

Cleomenes ….. Maija Talvitie

Dion ….. Apollo Manfredi

The Oracle ….. Addison Templeton

Lady Time ….. Milo Koyfman                                                                                                

BOHEMIA, Sixteen years later

(Polixenes and Camillo, see “Sicilia”)

Mariner ….. Sebastian Bader

Clown (A Guy) ….. Addison Templeton

Shepherd (His Father) ….. Petra Lindstrom

Autolycus ….. Oz Alper

Mopsa ….. Iris Wiater

Dorcas ….. Flora White

Harassed Servant ….. Ace Rosenthal

Perdita (that baby…16 years later) ….. Velouria Rosalinda Perez

Florizel (prince/son to Polixenes) ….. Dylan Macer

The Bear ….. Himself


Gentleman 1 ….. Dylan Macer

Gentleman 2 ….. Milo Koyfman

Gentleman 3 ….. Ace Rosenthal

Assorted Lords, Guards and Sheep Shearing Guests ….. The Company


Blaire Baron
Kila Packett
Julia Wyson


Zissy’s Paine
tartine bakery
Delicious Pizza
Suzanne Nichols
Dante Larsen
Jorje Tinoco

And extra special thanks to our graduates! We thank you for sharing your gifts with us over the years, and we wish you the very best in your next act!

Sebastian Bader
Milo Koyfman
Velouria Rosalinda Perez
Maija Talvitie