The lights come up, and you’re backstage at a nightclub – think the Copa Room at the Sands Hotel, circa 1955. Shakespeare’s Rat Pack of Hip, Cool Cats run the show. The Boys have a business to run and so they make a serious pact to swear off girlfriends, no matter what! They commit to their higher selves, to building their brain and business power and running their club with no girl-related distractions. They have lounge acts to book and financiers to schmooze! Girls just get in the way!

And in fact, that’s exactly what they do.

Enter the Belles from France. A phenomenal new Girl Group. All stunning, they present a big problem! Each of the Rat Pack Cats meets his match in these savvy Chanteuses.

Songs sung. Crazy Gowns and Dandy Duds worn. 

April 28th & 29th
May 5th & 6th
Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 pm