Welcome to The Tempest

The Tempest – a fitting show for this whirling dervish of a cast! Although this is the official stage debut for some of our performers, they have proven themselves worthy of one of The Bard’s most enduring and meaningful plays. 

Using the key word: IMAGINATION – this charismatic crew cooperated and collaborated to conjure the concept for our creative carnival. They’ve chosen to tell the tale from their own perspective, as children playing pretend on a playground coming together to act out a forbidden fable. 

Thank you so much for supporting our ensemble in this epic adventure. Now sit back, relax, and let yourself become a kid again as you enjoy William Shakespeare’s THE TEMPEST.

But before you turn your phone off, we encourage you to click here to read a synopsis of the story.

Dramatis Personae

(In order of appearance)

Alonso … Ondine Taylor, 13 

Boatswain … Anchor Dillard, 7 

Gonzalo … David E. Landaverde-Chávez 13

Ferdinand … Cassia Dillard, 9 

Sebastian … Cooper Vidal, 10 

Antonia … Lauren Villegas, 9

Miranda … Maribelle Martin, 10

Prospero … Cyril (Vi) Rodriguez, 13

Ariel … Zoë Zerkel, 14

Trinculo … LydiaJane Dillard, 11

Stephano … Elsie Cannon, 14

Caliban … Anchor Dillard, 7

Iris … LydiaJane Dillard

Ceres … Ondine Taylor

Juno … Elsie Cannon

The Tempest Production Team

J. Bailey Burcham, director
Alessandra Mañon, director
Ace Rosenthal, artistic associate

Shakespeare Youth Festival

Julia Walker Wyson, Artistic Director
J. Bailey Burcham, Executive Director