SYFLA – Spring 2014

SYFLA – Spring 2014

The 2014 SYFLA season opened with our SITC Players’ production of The Tempest. The cast inhabited every corner of Fais Do Do for this production, keeping the audience on their toes. Several of our SITC troupe members now have multiple productions under their belts – they tackled the major roles, and were joined by a dozen new members of our World of Shakespeare introductory class, playing Ariel’s unruly fairies and sprites.

Our LADC veterans wrestled a big Dragon this season. Without a doubt, Richard III makes Macbeth look like a saint. We divided the role of Richard into two parts – the external, charismatic climber and the internal, tormented ruler. As the play progressed, the second Richard took over, culminating in the famous monologue where, in our production, Richard literally argued with himself over his identity and whether he deserved to continue.

We also presented a 1930’s Two Gentlemen of Verona. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the show opened in a nightclub while a torch singer crooned “What’s cute about a little cutie; it’s her beauty, not brains,” and the entire cast tap danced to “Keep Young and Beautiful.” Establishing those societal expectations gave our young post-feminists (and our audience) insight into why Julia & Proteus might have behaved as they did.

Our youngest Players performed a rollicking Midsummer Night’s Dream. The Runaways navigated the twists and turns of their journey with a skill far beyond their years, and Oberon and Titania introduced their argument with a lyrical dance. The Mechanicals were double-cast as a pack of cranky, misbehaving Fairies, and the audience was delighted by the sense of fun and play they brought to the story.

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