SYFLA – Spring 2016

SYFLA – Spring 2016

We opened with The Winter’s Tale, performed by our older students. The production traveled from a chilly Sicily, with characters dressed in white and gold, to a riotously colorful Bohemia.

At Fais Do Do, the season opened with Comedy of Errors. Two identical twins and their two servants (also identical twins) are separated in a ship-wreck. When, years later, they all show up in the same town, mistaken identities abound.

Back at the Lyric, we performed The Tempest (our third production!) In this production, our “Prospera” was female, adding interesting nuances to her relationship with Miranda, and with the Neapolitans who usurped her throne. We also gave Sycorax, Caliban’s mother, a voice, and she haunted the island with her laments and plotting.

We closed with Pericles at Fais Do Do. Performed primarily in the round, with all the costume changes taking place in full view of the audience, the Players cplayed multiple roles, and created storms at sea, a joust, and multiple shipwrecks


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