Los Angeles Drama Club is now …

Shakespeare Youth Festival

We are proud and excited to announce that, henceforth, Los Angeles Drama Club is changing its operating name to Shakespeare Youth Festival to more accurately reflect our wider inclusion and expansion as a global youth arts movement. Fifteen years ago, we presented our first performance in our city of Los Angeles and our name reflected our close-knit ensemble, and our policy of inclusiveness. Now, we work with more than 1,000 children annually, and in 2018, with Ms. Blaire’s trip to Botswana, we became global, and have now shared our work in four countries.

To continue to operate as Los Angeles Drama Club is akin to trying to fit into a suit that is two sizes too small! As we continue to bring our mission to new places, our name now reflects our passion – creating and celebrating communities of belonging and self-empowerment with children and youth locally and across the globe through the works of William Shakespeare!