Welcome to Julius Caesar

A question that was discussed frequently during our rehearsal process was “Who is the villain?” Our conclusion: we’re not sure! Productions of Julius Caesar often seek to make a certain type of political statement, and indeed, one recent production cast an actor who resembled Obama in the title role, while another used an actor who resembled Trump. We all agreed that we did not want to take that route. Trying to tie Cassius, Brutus, Antony, or Caesar to a particular belief system, political party, or public figure would only lead our audience to, perhaps, assume that they know whose side they should be on – it’s so much more interesting to live in the ambiguity. 

For us, one of the most interesting and important “characters” was the crowd AKA The Citizens. It’s fascinating to see how quickly and easily they switch their loyalties. Listen carefully to the funeral speeches of Brutus and Marc Antony – whose side would you be on? 

The play opens as The Citizens celebrate the Feast of Lupercal. We discovered that the current celebration of Mardi Gras has its roots in the ancient festival. You might notice a few nods to that connection in our staging!! 

Our Players are taking on the monumental challenge of telling this story. What can you do to support them? While you are in the performance space, please keep your phone off and give them your full attention.

But before you turn your phone off, we encourage you to click here to read a synopsis of the story

Dramatis Personae

In Order of Appearance

Flavius, a tribune … Dash Kirkley, 12

Marullus, another tribune … Katya Pontell, 14

A Carpenter … Harrison Washburn, 10

A Cobbler … Teddy Lukas, 12

Julius Caesar, a general … Simon Manfredi, 11

Casca, a Conspirator … Arrow Hudson, 13

Calpurnia, wife to Caesar … Pierra Rozen-Nowac, 13

Marc Antony … Alexander Gumpert, 12

A Soothsayer … Harrison Washburn

Brutus, friend to Caesar … Kairo Pontell, 12

Cassius, a general … Hannah Gumpert, 14

Decius Brutus, a conspirator … Veronica Sefrioui, 13

Cicero, a Senator … Pierra Rozen-Nowac

Cinna, a conspirator … Dash Kirkley

Lucius, Servant to Brutus … Harrison Washburn

Metellus Cimber, a conspirator … Katya Pontell

Trebonius, a conspirator … Teddy Lukas

Another Conspirator … Pierra Rozen-Nowac 

Portia, wife to Brutus … Veronica Sefrioui

Servant to Caesar … Katya Pontell

Artemidorus, devotee to Caesar … Pierra Rozen-Nowac

Servant to Antony … Pierra Rozen-Nowac

Servant to Octavius Caesar … Katya Pontell

The Citizens … The Ensemble

Cinna, the Poet … Arrow Hudson

Octavius Caesar, successor … Pierra Rozen-Nowac

Lepidus, one of the Triumvirate … Simon Manfredi

Clitus, aide to soldier … Katya Pontell

Claude, the Poet … Arrow Hudson

Titinius, a soldier … Dash Kirkley

Messala, friend to Brutus … Veronica Sefrioui

Pindarus, bondsman to … Cassius Arrow Hudson

Cato, a soldier … Arrow Hudson

Dardanius, servant to Brutus … Teddy Lukas

Strato, friend to Brutus … Simon Manfredi

Julius Caesar Production Team

Julia Walker Wyson, director
Kila Packett, director

Addison Templeton, Artistic Associate
J. Bailey Burcham, Technical Assistance

Special Thanks to 

Zissy Rozen @zissyspaine – Prop Design

And to the Parents of our Players for their invaluable support and encouragement throughout the process

Shakespeare Youth Festival

Julia Walker Wyson, Artistic Director
J. Bailey Burcham, Executive Director