witchesIt is an Election Year. What will politicians do and say to be in power? Take Macbeth, for example. This Fall, we are going to pare Macbeth down and reveal these Bad to the Bone characters just as they are – raw, ambitious, political, shadowy, dark.

Themes explored:

FATE/FREE WILL – Does fate or human will determines a man’s future? What causes a seemingly decent man to commit evil acts? Is the play set in motion by the weird sisters’ prophesy that Macbeth will be king, or by his actions? In the end, the play leaves the question unanswered.

POWER/AMBITION – What distinguishes a good ruler from a tyrant? What are the consequences of regicide (killing a king)? Although the play is set in 11th century Scotland (a time when kings were frequently murdered), and how are political opponents committing character assassination today?

GENDER ROLES – Macbeth turns our notions of traditional gender roles upside-down – is femininity synonymous with kindness and compassion, and masculinity with cruelty and violence, or is Macduff right when he argues that the capacity to “feel” human emotion is in fact what makes one a “man”?

MAGIC – Witchcraft features prominently in Macbeth. What message do the witches and their actions have for us?

Mondays from 4 pm to 6 pm
Fais Do Do –
5253 W. Adams Blvd

4th through 9th grade

Starting Monday, September 12th

Tuition – $500.00

We believe that every child who is drawn to this work should be able to participate, so we offer a variety of scholarships – click here for the application form and guidelines. Please do not hesitate to apply!

December 3 & 4
December 9 & 10
Curtain Time TBD

Please note: There will be additional rehearsals scheduled in November.

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