MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR – This class is full

MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR – This class is full

quickly-and-falstaffSir John Falstaff decides that he wants to have a little fun, so he writes two letters to a pair of Windsor wives: Mistress Ford and Mistress Page. When they discover that they’ve both received letters, they plan a practical joke or two to teach the knight a lesson. But when Mistress Ford’s husband finds out, chaos ensues. Meanwhile, three suitors seek the hand of Anne Page, Mistress Page’s daughter, and the one she loves – surprise!! – is not the one that has Father’s Stamp of Approval!

Themes explored:

This play is chock-full of people who are trying to “pull one over” on someone … and most of them get punished in some very funny ways! Are these punishments just? And what about when the punisher is also a deceiver?

The characters in this play run the gamut from servants to nobility – we’ll explore how the different classes treat others and are treated themselves, and how different life is for women and men!

Merry Wives of Windsor is loaded with the kind of clever word-play and snazzy banter that makes us love Shakespeare … and with people who don’t communicate very well … which leads to a lot of hilarious misunderstandings!

Saturdays from 1 pm to 3 pm
Fais Do Do –
5253 W. Adams Blvd

2nd through 9th grade

Starting Saturday, September 17th

Tuition – $500.00

We believe that every child who is drawn to this work should be able to participate, so we offer a variety of scholarships – click here for the application form and guidelines. Please do not hesitate to apply!

December 3 & 4
December 10 & 11
Curtain Time TBD

Please note: There will be additional rehearsals scheduled in November.

This class is full – if you’d like to be placed on the Waiting List, please email us.

We also invite you to consider Macbeth – we have a few spaces left!